Developing a Compassionate Mind - 5 Week Course

Learning how to be more compassionate with your Self is quite simply the greatest and most profound gateway to experiencing healing and transform your Life.

Being ‘hard on yourself’ is common in Western culture. People tend to believe that if they weren’t tough on themselves, they’d never get anything done. But the truth is, self-criticism creates a lot of suffering. Studies show that being self-critical actually doesn’t offer any leg up or contribute to greater overall success. In fact, mental health research has revealed that self-criticism is a key factor and risk predictor in illnesses like Depression and Anxiety. 


An anti-dote to self-criticism, research studies on Self-Compassion have shown that being kind and compassion with one’s self helps to buffer against stressors in life, achieve emotional balance and resilience, experience greater empathy and connection with others, and lead to overall improved well-being


In this 5-week course, participants will learn Mindfulness Meditation practices paired with opportunities for writing and self-reflection along with space to share and hear from group members together on the path to cultivating a compassionate way of relating to one’s Self. 

This course is for YOU if:

  • You are hard on yourself in one or more areas of your life.

  • You want to live with greater ease and experience deeper meaning and connection. 

  • You have tried to ‘think happy thoughts’ but still can’t seem to quiet your inner critic.

  • You tend towards Depression or feel down more days than not.

  • You suspect there’s a better way to motivate yourself towards your goals - like without feeling bad or like a failure!

* All levels of practitioners are welcome, no previous practice required. 

Details & Registration

Day TBD:


Cost: $250.00


For Information and to Register:

Call:  847-529-8300 x107  


The course will commence once the minimum required number of participants has been met. 

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