A Mindful Path to Emotional Resilience - 6 Week Course

Research studies have shown that practicing Mindfulness Meditation over time leads to expanding one’s ‘Window of Tolerance’ - meaning, one’s capacity to be with the full range of human emotions. 

We live in a culture that has historically valued the mind over the heart.  As a result, most of us are generally quite emotionally illiterate. Disorders like Depression and Anxiety, for example, (the rates of which are ever increasing BTW), are in many ways manifested from dysregulated and unprocessed emotion. It’s no wonder, as we’re not taught how to make sense of, process or express our emotions in healthy ways by our families or teachers of early education. In fact, it’s often quite the opposite.

In this 6-week course, participants will learn key foundational Mindfulness practices as well as psychological teachings about emotions that will help them understand and relate to their emotional experiences in ways that promote healing, achieve greater balance, cultivate compassion, and build emotional resilience.

This course is for YOU if:

  • You really don’t ‘get’ your emotions OR you feel like they have a life of their own.

  • What you learned about your emotions growing up was misguided or unhelpful. 

  • You want to learn to relate to your Self with greater wisdom and compassion.

  • You have the sense that your health & wellness would improve if you could learn to get better at feeling your feelings.

* All levels of practitioners are welcome, no previous practice required. 

Details & Registration

Day TBD: 5:00-7:00pm


Cost: $300.00


For Information and to Register:

Call:  847-529-8300 x107  

Email:  angele@skylightcounselingcenter.com

The course will commence once the minimum required number of participants has been met. 

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