Guided Meditations

Pause. Breathe. Drop into Presence. 

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2-Min Mindfulness Meditation

Short on time? This two-minute mindful meditation practice helps to center yourself and improve upon the quality of present-moment awareness.

2min Mindfulness Meditation - Angele Close, PhD
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Brief Mindful Pause

This short Mindfulness practice helps you to still the mind, relax the body and connect with the Self and one's experiences in the present moment. When practiced once or more daily, these regular 'pauses' can help you connect with your True Self and nourish a more wise and compassionate quality of consciousness in your Life.

Brief Mindful Pause - Angele Close, PhD
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This practice uses the breath as an anchor for attention. Guided to gently soften and let go of tension or 'stress' in the body to facilitate stillness, this brief practice helps you train your mind and attention to connect into Presence - developing concentration and acceptance of your experience - practicing being with what is. 

10- Minute Mindfulness of Breath Meditation
Mindfulness of Breath - Angele Close, PhD
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Body Scan Meditation 
This practice guides you to bring a kind and curious attention to the moment-by-moment experience of sensation in the body. This practice may help you feel more grounded and connected to your body. When practiced regularly, it helps strengthens your capacity to Stay and be more fully awake and aware for the moments of your Life.
Body Scan Meditation - Angele Close, PhD
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