Mindful Mommas - 6 Week Course

Research studies have shown that practicing Mindfulness Meditation over time contributes to increased compassion, reduced stress, greater emotional balance and resilience, and deeper levels of joy and life satisfaction. Time, however, is not something parents have a lot of!

Parenting is the most important, rewarding and challenging of roles on the Planet. Nothing can push your buttons more than Mothering.

This course is designed with this in mind. This training is specifically designed for busy Moms who want to experience more joy and satisfaction in their experience of Momming but who don’t have 45 minutes a day to meditate.


Over 6-weeks of weekly sessions, Moms will learn about and practice key Mindfulness practices and other strategies for cultivating Presence that are practical, realistic and can be flexibly integrated into their lives. 


With opportunities to learn, practice and discuss their experiences with the group, Moms will come away with new tools in their repertoire to face parenting challenges - and life - that will have positive ripple effects on their children, partners, and families. After all, the best way to care for another is to ensure the best care for your Self!

This course is for YOU if:

  • You wish you were calmer, kinder, and more skillful in your parenting.

  • You want to be a more conscious, present parent. 

  • You notice yourself saying things your parents said that you promised you never would!

  • You want to cultivate a deeper connection with your children.

* All levels of practitioners are welcome, no previous practice required. 

Details & Registration

Day TBD: 5:00-7:00pm


Cost: $300.00


For Information and to Register:

Call:  847-529-8300 x107  

Email:  angele@skylightcounselingcenter.com

The course will commence once the minimum required number of participants has been met. 

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